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We’ve got the right automation and machinery for your business. And, we’re about driving value for you with practical, reliable and well thought out solutions. To top it off, we deliver more with dependable equipment, industry know how, plus the best locally based technical service and support.

Aporo Robotic Produce Packer

Aporo Robotic Produce Packer

Easy of use, rapid deployment and easy retrofitting to your existing pack house. Aporo robotics – the future is now!

Large Label V6

The biggest and the best for labelling larger fresh produce like watermelons and pumpkins

Nemesis M Series Combo

The ultimate in line-end inspection, it combines weight and metal contamination control

Nemesis M Series Standalone

This compact unit fits into almost any line with choices of multi-frequency or multi-spectrum options

Nemesis R Series

Extra high speed and great for working in harsh and dirty conditions

Pronova 505

This is an entry level bagger that’s perfect for smaller producers

Pronova 510

This one makes and seals pouch packs either automatically or with manual filling

Pronova 520

This bagger adds cardboard headers to the pack for that something different

Pronova 525

Look at this one for 24-hour production lines or to pack heavy produce

Pronova 535

This one is ideal for 24-hour production lines or when hygienic packaging is needed

Pronova 535H

For when product orientation is important, this horizontal bagger is the one

RGD Mape VR-4 Elektra

The VR-4 Elektra’s universal forming tunnel has an auto-centred coil holder and progressive braking system allowing it to handle multiple pack types. It’s carefully designed and constructed, and resists many typical corrosion factors like humidity, soil and fluids making it functional and long lasting in harsh environments. VR-4 Elektra at a Glance Packs up to…

RGD Mape VR-6 Genio

The Genio recalculates the bag length being used each three cycles to save film

RGD Mape VR-6 Sprinter

This one is fast, packing up to 120 packs a minute but using only 5 metres of space.

RGD Mape VR-7 Box

This flow wrapper is for large or bulky products, those with stability issues or are of different lengths 

RGD Mape VR-8 Master

The VR-8 Master is a high speed, high performance machine that makes 40 different flow pack formats

Sinclair PL4 + VRS

The PL4 is a high-speed, high-output tray or inner labeller that’s capable of labelling up to 2,700 trays per hour.

Sorma AC4-115

This one is fast, filling up to 90 punnets and clamshells every minute

Sorma ACE-115

For a lower capacity, this one fills up to 50 punnets every minute

Sorma ACM-115

Fills 35 to 50 punnets or clamshells per minute

Sorma ACS-115

This one fills punnets and trays that weigh up to 3kg

Sorma AT5

Makes and clips net packs with copper wire and wine glass tags

Sorma Big Cup

This versatile grader weighs large and heavy produce at speeds up to 8 units per second

Sorma BRS-134

A versatile addition to the Sorma range of net bag welders

Sorma BRT-134

This is another machinery option for making net and film pack combinations

Sorma BSH-134

Only change net every 12 hours and strip band every 5 hours with this one

Sorma BSS-134

Make ‘Vert Bags’ from pre-formed rolls of net and film and print the entire film width

Sorma CBR-170

One of the most versatile machines in the Sorma range, this one makes multiple pack types from net and film

Sorma CFB-155

Fill bins and cartons with pre-packed produce

Sorma CFC-155

Sort, pack and fill supermarket crates and boxes

Sorma Cherry Air

This grader is ideal for small, lightweight, round produce like cherry tomatoes, cherries and walnuts

Sorma CL1-104

Single-channel fruit counter for citrus fruit

Sorma CL2-104

Two-channel fruit counter with a deposit capacity of 80 kg

Sorma CP810PC

Weigher for up to 55 punnets per minute

Sorma CP812MV

Weigher with 12 loading cells for apples and soft fruit

Sorma CP812MXL

A 12-channel weigher for delicate fruit like apples

Sorma CP814ML

A 14-channels weigher for delicate fruit and veggies like apples

Sorma CWP-128SV

This check weigher is the one to use for punnets

Sorma CWS-128

This one is for non-delicate fruit and veggies like onions and potatoes

Sorma DP4-115

Here’s a 4-channel punnet de-nester that unloads 2 punnets at a time

Sorma DP8-115

This 8-channel punnet de-nester has 4 active channels and 4 in standby mode

Sorma DSC-107

This is a de-palletiser to speed up unloading stacked pallets

Sorma FBD-108

Stacks different sized boxes, crates and buschel boxes onto pallets

Sorma FBG-108

Stacks up to 1600 boxes an hour of differing sizes onto pallets

Sorma FH210

This bag on roll machine makes filling poly bags simple and connects easily your to existing weigher

Sorma FLW-150

Wrap punnets in flow wrap and finish off with a customised carry handle

Sorma FLW-150

Pack up to 55 punnets per minute with the FLW-150 flow wrapper

Sorma G09-126

Here’s a 9-channel weigher for non-delicate fruit and veggies

Sorma G12-126

A 12-channel weigher for potatoes, onions and citrus with large capacity load cells for heavy pack weights

Sorma LLT

This one fills triangular, square, rectangular, round or trimix punnets

Sorma NV25-132

This is a high capacity machine and packs potatoes, onions and citrus into raschel bags

Sorma ONE

An optional optical recognition system sorts, weighs, measures fruit diameter and grades colour

Sorma P04-125

Weighs smaller produce like mandarins and tomatoes between 500g and 4kg

Sorma P04-125S

Weighs smaller produce like mandarins and tomatoes between 500g and 1kg

Sorma P14-126

A 14-channel weigher for potatoes, onions and citrus and up to 80 packs per minute

Sorma P15-126

A 15-channel high speed weigher for non-delicate fruit and veggies

Sorma PAL-108D

Automatically stacks boxes and crates to pre-set pallet configurations

Sorma R01-120

A horizontal clipping machine to pack delicate fruit and vegetable in net bags

Sorma R01-120

Horizontal clipping machine for delicate fruit and veggies

Sorma RB2-120

A vertical clipping machine to pack fresh fruit and vegetables into net bags

Sorma RB2-120

Vertical clipping machine to pack citrus, potatoes and onions

Sorma RC1-111

A self-adjusting single bin tipper for delicate fruit

Sorma RC6-111

A continuous bin tipper for soft or delicate fruit and vegetables

Sorma RCE-111A

A continuous bin tipper for delicate fruit, it self-adjusts for different height bins

Sorma RCT-115

Bulk box filler for citrus, potatoes and onions

Sorma RM4-124

Straps and adds corner boards automatically

Sorma RM8-124

Straps and adds 2 different types of corner boards

Sorma RP2-115

This is the one to use for delicate fruit and gentle handling

Sorma RVT-402

A compact drum-operated box tipper that operates automatically or manually

Sorma SBU-134

Make 6 different pack types with this flexible and very efficient packing machine

Sorma W12-126

This 12-channel weigher is for small fruit and packs up to 70 packs per minute

Sorma W12-126A

This 12-channel weigher is for small fruit and packs up to 100 packs per minute

Sorma W14-126A

This is a 14-channel weigher for smaller produce like cherry tomatoes, cherries and kiwifruit

Sorma WD4-125

Feeds multiple packaging machines, with different weight variations all at the same time.


A multi-lane grader with 2 to 10 lanes feeding up to 50 produce drops 

Sormatech HyperVision

This technology analyses the entire surface of every piece of fruit using the entire bandwidth of visible and invisible light. It’s truly extraordinary.

Sunkist Soft Touch® Pattern Packer

This high-speed fruit packing machine is the answer for packing cartons of oranges, grapefruit, limes, melons, honeydew and cantaloupe.