Pronova 510

This one makes and seals pouch packs either automatically or with manual filling

Probably one of the most versatile and efficient baggers in the Pronova range, the 510 is simply designed, easy to use and easy to maintain. It suits light-weight products as each bag holds up to 400g for every 100mm of bag width.

The bag opening arms are up to 5 metres in length and the bags are linked together and hang unsupported from them. Several bags are opened at a time and then sealed after being filled. Bag openings adjust to suit the size and shape of different types of produce – ranging through narrow and thin to wide rectangular openings. The 510 can be fully automated or used for manual filling.

510 at a Glance

  • Manual or automated filling
  • Opening arms up to 5 metres in length
  • Bag width – 50 – 800 mm
  • Maximum sealing speed of 12 metres per minute
  • Continuous or intermittent bag feed

Suits: Pouch packs

Packing speed: Between 8 and 12 metres per minute depending on bag-width
Bag width: 50 - 800 mm
Bag options: Re-closable, perforations, hanger holes, stand-up pouch, reinforced headers
Bag materials: PE, PP, laminates
Electrical supply: 230 V 1-phase
Power: 1.2 kW
Compressed air: 600 kPa, 0.06 m3/h

Suits: Pouch packs

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