Packaging & Tags

When you want your produce to stand out from the crowd, we’ve got the right packaging options for you. Flow wrap, punnets, net and clip, bags, tags, fresh flow or top seal, we’ve got you tagged, wrapped, packaged and ready to go.


Band it to brand it with fruit and veggie banding. It's traceable and reduces the amount of packaging

Clip Wire & Ties

When you want to clip it or twist it – we've got it

Environmentally Sustainable Packaging

We’ve got the best solutions for sustainable, safe, durable, chemical free packaging and it decomposes in the compost. How good is that!

Flow Wrap

It’s easy to wrap things up with flow wrap. There's clear, printed, breathable and re-sealable flow wrap and it works on existing machinery

Labels & Tags

Big and small, every label and tag you’ll need is here for all fresh fruit and veggies

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

When you're looking for solutions to longer shelf life of fresh produce, the answer is modified atmosphere packaging. Keeping it fresh!

Netting & Net Bags

Bag it, tag it, wrap it, pack it and get it ready for market. All the net options you need

Paper & Cardboard Packaging

It's paper and made from wood pulp sourced from sustainable and renewable forests. That means it's 100% recyclable, sustainable and renewable! Now that's great news for a sustainable future.

Poly Bags & Pouch Packs

Form it, fill it and seal it ready for the market. Here’s all you need for great looking on-shelf presence

Punnets, Trays & Clamshells

Our punnets, lids and clamshells are R-PET! They're made from 100% recycled materials and are environmentally sustainable and best of all, they're economically sustainable. How great is that!

Re-Sealable Packaging

This is innovation at its best – packaging that opens and re-closes more than 22 times each


An environmentally aware packaging option using 50% less plastic and 50% more paper but packs on the same machinery at the same speeds.