Service & Support

We all know success is measured by on time and delivery in full to your customers. That’s why we developed ServiceUp – to minimise downtime and keep your business running at its peak.

Technical Service

We know your business isn’t just 9 to 5, so we’re here for you with on call Technical Service and Support 7 days a week. We’ll get to you quickly regardless of where you are around the country because our team are based locally close to the action. Now, that’s service.

Training Operators

We don’t just focus on your machinery, we teach your operators how to troubleshoot and maintain your machinery properly in-house. Our training improves your operators’ knowledge, capability and the confidence level of the whole team to keep your machinery up and running.

Spare Parts

Each time we’re on-site, we check out that spares for the highest wear parts and consumables for your machinery are on hand so if a breakdown does occur, there’s a good chance you’ll have the right spare parts there and ready to go.


When you need technical help, you can speak directly to one of our technicians with direct-to-tech phone support. All our techs have your machinery details on hand so you’ll get the right information and advice quickly over the phone. If they can’t fix the problem, then we’ll come to you.

Machinery Installations

Our packing lines and machinery are custom built for you. All our installations are done by factory trained techs and are often the specialist tech who actually built the machine initially so they know every part of it and how it works.

Tim shows how to clean Sinclair fruit and vegetable labelling bellows.

Joseph shows how to clean Sinclair fruit and vegetable labelling cassettes

David shows how to lubricate a Sorma RB2 Net Bagger