Sorma RM8-124

Straps and adds 2 different types of corner boards

The RM8-124 pallet strapper automatically positions corner boards to the pallet as it straps. With 8 separate channels for corner boards, it has 4 channels for 2 different sized boards that are added during the strapping process for extra strength and protection.

The programmable RM8-124 straps 40 pallets per hour.

RM8-124 at a Glance

  • Straps 40 pallets per hour
  • Straps and adds corner boards automatically
  • Adds 2 different sized corner boards
  • 8 corner board channels with flexible 4×4 configuration
Output: 40 pallets per hour
Power required: 2,5 kW - 50 Hz - 400V
Air consumption:350 Nl/min - 6 bar
Maximum height:2400 mm
Corner boards: 8 channels x 55 units
Pallet size range:800mm×800mm, 1200mm×1200mm

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