Sorma FBD-108

Stacks different sized boxes, crates and buschel boxes onto pallets

Another palletiser option to choose from for stacking different sized boxes and crates including buschel boxes onto pallets. The FBD-108 adjusts to suit multiple crate and box sizes stacking up to 1220 boxes per hour.

FBD-108 at a Glance

  • Stacks up to 1220 boxes per hour
  • Stacks multiple box and crate sizes
  • Stacks buschel boxes

Suits: produce on pallets

Output: Up to 1220 boxes per hour
Power required:5 kW - 50 Hz - 400V
Air consumption:500 Nl/min - 6 bar
Box height: Maximum 300mm
Box Sizes:250×400mm, 300×400mm, 300×500mm, 400×600mm on pallets 800×1200mm
250×400mm, 300×400mm, 300×500mm, 400×500mm, 400×600mm on pallets 1000×1200mm
400×600mm on pallets 1200×1200mm;
320×520mm on pallets 960×1040mm, 1040×1160mm.

Suits: produce on pallets

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