Nemesis M Series Standalone

This compact unit fits into almost any line with choices of multi-frequency or multi-spectrum options

The M Series Stand-Alone is a sturdy, compact unit that will fit into almost any line. There are multi-frequency and multi-spectrum versions available, with both delivering the very best performance in metal detection.

This unit is very flexible and can be set up with a modular plastic conveyor when scanning heavy packs that can weigh up to 60kg, or with a slim belt for smaller products when speed is important.

M Series Stand-Alone at a Glance

  • For metal contamination control
  • Sturdy, compact and easy to use
  • Security air pressure feature and photo eye
  • Low maintenance costs

Suits: Packaged produce

Production Output: Up to 150 packs per minute
Pack Weights: 200g up to 60kg
Ejector Options: Side pneumatic ejector, Air blast ejector, Double-nozzle air blast ejector, Rodless pneumatic ejector
Belt Speed: ≤ 40 metres per minute
Power Consumption: ≤ 0.5 kw
Height: 460mm up to 1200mm
Conveyor width: 160mm up to 608mm
Conveyor length: 150mm up to 2050mm
Conveyor type: Polyurethane belt, modular plastic

Suits: Packaged produce

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