Sormatech HyperVision

This technology analyses the entire surface of every piece of fruit using the entire bandwidth of visible and invisible light. It’s truly extraordinary.

Here’s the latest high-tech optical sorting machine from Sormatech.

HyperVision analyses every point over the fruit’s entire surface using the complete bandwidth of visible and invisible light. It uses 9 cameras for each sorting line – 3 colour and 6 NIR (near-infrared radiation) cameras and the ultra high definition digital technology sorts up to 2160 images for every piece of fruit analysed. The 360-degree view of the produce surface  makes it possible to detect, classify and sort both the internal and external quality, colour and shape of every piece of fruit sorted.

And, it’s amazingly accurate, the Hypervision system eliminates almost 100% of defects in the produce by using Sormatech’s patented deep learning algorithms. The Hyper-Map system analyses each image to make it possible to discard fruit with over-ripe areas that can’t be seen with normal vision, making quality assurance a breeze. The entire system has been designed with ease of use in mind and it’s intuitive to operate with really high levels of efficiency. This is technology at its very best.

HyperVision at a Glance

  • Sorts 15 pieces of fruit per second
  • 360 degree view of fruit surface
  • Sorting up to 2160 images of each using 9 ultra high definition cameras
  • Sorts and eliminates almost all defects in fruit
OutputSorts 15 pieces of fruit per second
Installed powerVariable
Air consumptionVariable
Cameras9 cameras on each line – 3 colour & 6 NIR (near-infrared radiation)
View360 degree views of each piece of fruit

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