Nemesis K Series Weigh-Price Labeller

Weighs and adds labels to the top, bottom or sides of produce packs.

The K Series Weigh-Price Labeller is the latest offering from NEMESIS and is a versatile and accurate way of weighing and labelling a whole range of fresh produce. Each weigher can add a single or multiple printing applicators to allow top, side, “C” band, bottom or front-facing labels to be applied on the line at speeds of up to 150 units per minute.

NEMESIS weigh-price labellers can be integrated into existing production lines or used as stand-alone stations and have multiple configuration options from 1 to 6 conveyors with width from 90 mm to 456 mm.

NEMESIS check weighers are MID European Directive certified, OIML R-51 fully certified and NEMESIS is an ISO 9001 company.

K Series at a Glance

  • Accuracy ≥ ±0.5 g
  • Speeds up to ≤ 150 pieces per minute
  • Multiple automatic ejector options
  • Security air pressure feature
  • Integrated printer for reports
Accuracy:≥ ±0.5 g
Production Output:≤ 150 packs per minute
Pack Weights:15 g up to 30 kg
Belt Speed:≤ 40 metres per minute
Power Consumption:≤ 0.5 kw
Configuration: 1 up to 6 conveyors
Height: 460 mm up to 1,200 mm
Conveyor width: 90 mm up to 456 mm
Conveyor length: 150 mm up to 750 mm
Conveyor type:
Polyurethane Belt, Twin Reclining, V-shaped
Ejector Options:Side pneumatic ejector, Air blast ejector, Double-nozzle air blast ejector

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