Aporo Robotic Produce Packer

Easy of use, rapid deployment and easy retrofitting to your existing pack house. Aporo robotics – the future is now!

The robotic technology of the Aporo Produce Packer delivers a practical and user friendly solution to get produce to market quickly and efficiently. The focus of the Aporo makes one of the most labour intensive functions of the pack house more efficient and everything about this machinery is designed with the end user in mind. It’s easy to use, runs efficiently with minimum staff involvement and is easily installed or retro-fitted into existing production lines.

The output of the Aporo Produce Packer is impressive, packing up to 120 pieces of fruit per minute under optimal conditions.

A minimum amount of operator training is needed because of the well designed and intuitive touchscreen interface of the Aporo Produce Packer. Not only that, but the performance of the packer can be monitored remotely if needed.

The Aporo Produce Packer stands out from the crowd and won the UPL Technology Innovation Award in 2022

Aporo Produce Packer at a Glance

  • Packs up to 120 pieces of fruit into trays per minute
  • Remote monitoring for service and productivity
  • Reduces reliance on labour
  • Easy installation or retro-fitting
  • Intuitive and easy to use with minimal training
  • Easy maintenance for in-house or J-Tech service team
  • Tech Innovation Award Winner for 2022


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