Pronova 525

Look at this one for 24-hour production lines or to pack heavy produce

The 525 bagger is very robust and reliable in tough environments or when running on 24-hour production lines. When matched with an optional conveyor, this is the model to use for packing heavy products and it can be set up to pack either vertically or horizontally.

The 525 has opening arms that are up to 5 metres in length, bags are linked together and hang unsupported along these arms and carry bag weights between 300-400g for each 100mm bag width. For heavier products or pack weights the conveyor belt is recommended.

Bag openings are adjustable for different shapes and sizes of produce but the 525 will form, fill and seal between 12 and 30 metres of bags every minute.

525 at a Glance

  • Packs heavy produce vertically or horizontally
  • Suits 24-hour production lines
  • Bag width – 50 – 800 mm
  • Opening arms up to 5 metres in length
  • Zip top pouches

Suits: Pouch packs

Packing speed: Between 12 and 30 metres per minute
Bag width: 50 - 800 mm
Bag options: Re-closable, perforations, hanger holes, stand-up pouch, reinforced headers
Bag materials: PE, PP, laminates
Electrical supply: 400 V 3-phase
Power: 2.5 kW
Compressed air: 600 kPa, 0.06 m3/h

Suits: Pouch packs

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