Packaging & Tags

When you want your produce to stand out from the crowd, we’ve got the right packaging options for you. Flow wrap, punnets, net and clip, bags, tags, fresh flow or top seal, we’ve got you tagged, wrapped, packaged and ready to go.

100% Paper Packaging

Totally plastic free, it’s made from 100% recyclable wood pulp. It’s strong, versatile and stands out on shelf. What’s not to love!

100% R-PET Clamshells

There’s the right answer here for every size, style and shape of clamshell. Plus, our clamshells stay closed and are made of 100% R-PET. Now that great news!

100% R-PET Punnets

We’ve got 100% R-PET punnets for every type of produce whether large or small, plus we’ve got punnets that actually breathe!

100% Recycled R-PET

100% Recycled R-PET guarantees sustainability at every level. A perfect win-win for everyone!

1kg Cardboard Punnets

Australian made and owned packaging that’s produced sustainably and ethically. Naturpac™ approved so that’s good news all around.

500g Cardboard Trays

Australian made and owned packaging that’s produced sustainably and ethically. Naturpac™ approved so that’s good news all around.

Clear Flow Wrap

Print variable data directly onto the film via thermal transfer or add adhesive labels.

Copper Clip Wire

Clip wire closes net bags and securely attaches wine glass tags to the pack. The clip wire comes in 180m rolls and is 5mm wide x 0.35mm thick. Each roll closes about 10,000 net bags. This copper clip wire meets all Australian supermarket and safety standards. Clip Wire at a Glance Rolls are 180m in…

Ecobuilt Sustainable Packaging

This packaging is sustainable and made from all natural products. Ecobuilt packaging products are free of woodpulp, emissions and chemicals and give back to nature as they are 100% compostable. There are no colours, inks, toxic chemicals or bleaches used in the manufacturing processes and that makes this packaging any colour as long as it’s ‘Green’.…


It’s an elastic band for bundling odd-shapes, combining packs or reducing packaging


These are pressure sensitive adhesive tabs for carrying small or lightweight items


Elastomer loops grip produce and stay in place even during shipping


ElastiTote® is a great idea for carrying product samples or showing off new produce packs

Extruded Net

Extruded net is made from polyethylene and is available in different tube widths 


It’s easy to wrap things up with Flow-Fresh® packaging. It’s got all the benefits of flow wrap plus it’s breathable and will work on your existing machinery.

Fresh apples with GK4-P sachet

GK4/P Clean Air Sachets

Improve the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables after harvest with GK4/P clean air sachets

Grab & Go 1kg

Australian made and owned packaging that’s produced sustainably and ethically. Naturpac™ approved so that’s good news all around.

Lids 100% R-PET

Lids for every size, style and shape of punnet are right here and all made of 100% R-PET

Poly Bags

Poly Bags are custom made to suit the individual machine specifications and production needs. They are made from Polyethylene (PE) and are available in 35, 38 & 40-micron thickness. Poly bags are supplied in rolls with each roll making up to 4,000 bags depending on the size and the weight of the produce. Bags can…

Printed Flow Wrap

Show your fresh produce to advantage with printed flow wrap film. The film is printed in up to 8 high-resolution colours and different widths so there’s plenty of room to print brand or product information. Variable product data is printed directly onto the film with thermal transfer or is added with an adhesive label. Use…

Printed Strip Band

Show off your fresh produce with strip bands that are printed in up to 8 high-resolution colours.

Resealable Lidding Film

This is a great innovation – a customised resealable lidding film for produce that’s packed in PET trays. The film is one of the Xgo™ modified atmosphere range of products and features excellent condensation control that is customised for each produce variety to deliver the best modified atmosphere conditions for the temperature-time profile. Resealable lidding film…

Sinclair Labels

When only the best will do, we’ve got the know-how and the best labels for your business


Reduce plastic and add paper – it’s an environmentally sustainable alternative

Trays 100% R-PET

We’ve got every size and shape of trays for all types of fresh produce and all made from 100% R-PET. Now that great news for the environment!

Twist Tie

Twist tie closes poly bags and other similar packaging styles. The twist tie comes in 800m rolls with 8 rolls to a box for a total of 6,400m in each box. Twist Tie at a Glance Roll length 800m 8 rolls to the box

Wine Glass Fruit Tags

Print these either double or single sided in high definition for net bags

Woven Netting

Woven net really shows off your fresh produce and has the added ‘feel good’ – it’s recyclable with REDcycle. Now, that’s great news for the environment!

Xflow™ Bulk Automated Packaging

Delivers all the great benefits of modified atmosphere (MA) and modified humidity (MH) packaging, PLUS it reduces the amount of packaging material needed by as much as 40% on automated packing lines.


Xgo™ Retail Packaging

Pack it in the latest modified atmosphere (MA) and modified humidity (MH) retail packaging and stay fresher for longer. Now that’s a great idea!

Xtend® Bulk Packaging

Great idea. Here’s how to keep bulk packed produce fresher for longer – now who doesn’t want that!