Lids 100% R-PET

Lids for every size, style and shape of punnet are right here and all made of 100% R-PET

There are lids listed here that will suit every size, style and shape of punnet that you can imagine and all made of 100% R-PET. And, because they’re made of 100% R-PET, they’re better for the environment and are approved as recyclable by Naturpac™ For a Better Earth.

Capacity (g)ImageItem CodeMaterialDimensions (mm)
0FCK h 10 PETPET193x116 h10
0FCK h 15 PETPET193x116 h15
0FCK h 18 PETPET193x116 h18
0FCK h 22 PETPET193x116 h22
0FCK h 25 PETPET193x116 h25
0FCP R-PETR-PET193x116
0K10C h 12 PET PET178x136 h12
0K10C h 22 PET PET178x136 h22
0K10CP R-PETR-PET78x136
0K28CP R-PETR-PET139x117
0K29C h 8 PETPET145x120 h8
0K30C h 5 PETPET150x125 h5
0K30C h 20 PETPET150x125 h20
0K30C h 27 PETPET150x125 h27
0K30CP R-PETR-PET150x125
0K60C h 14 PETPET186x186 h14
0K60CP R-PETR-PET186x186
0K62CP A R-PETR-PET176x176
0TCK h 15 PETPET145x97 h15
0TCK h 20 PETPET145x97 h20
0TCK h 25 PETPET145x97 h25
0TCR h 12 PETPET145x97 h12
0TCRL h 10 PET PET145x97 h10
0TCRL h 14 PETPET145x97 h14


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