100% R-PET Clamshells

There’s the right answer here for every size, style and shape of clamshell. Plus, our clamshells stay closed and are made of 100% R-PET. Now that great news!

All our clamshells are Certified 100% R-PET so you know your produce is packed in the very best.

We’ve got the answer for every size, style and shape of clamshell that you’ll ever need and our clamshells stay closed. And, because they’re made of 100% R-PET¬†they’re better for the environment and are approved as recyclable by Naturpac™.

Capacity (g)ImageItem CodeMaterialDimensions (mm)
125KIT29 h 38 PETPET143x112 h38
250KIT250 h 53 PET SPET127x94 h53
250KIT250 h 75 PETPET127x94 h75
250KIT312 h 52 PET MPET185x121 h52
250KIT312 h 64 PETPET185x121 h64
250KIT320 h 80 PETPET125x115 h80
500KIT1500 h 50 PETPET184x184 h50
500KIT1500 h 76 PET 4PPET184x184 h76
500KIT1500 h 76 PET 4P BicolorPET184x184 h76
500KIT1500 h 80 PET 4KPET184x184 h80
500KIT501 h 53 PETPET190x115 h53
500KIT501 h 70 PETPET190x115 h70
500KIT501 h 80 PET 19 GPET190x115 h80
500KIT501 h 80 PET 21 GPET190x115 h80
500KIT501 h 85 PET 19 GPET190x115 h85
500KIT501 h 85 PET 21 GPET190x115 h85
500KIT501 h 90 PET 19 GPET190x115 h90
500KIT501 h 90 PET 21 GPET190x115 h90
500KIT501 h 110 PETPET190x115 h110
500KIT501 h 126 PETPET190x115 h126
500KIT508 h 55 PETPET180x144 h55
500KIT508 h 75 PETPET180x144 h75
1000KIT1000 h 105 PETPET188x144 h105
1000KIT1000 h 124 PETPET188x144 h124
1000KIT1500 h 95 PETPET184x184 h95
1000KIT2000 h 75 PETPET280x184 h75
1000KIT501 h 135 PETPET190x115 h135
1000KIT6 h 75 PET 6 FRUTTIPET280x184 h75
1000KIT8 h 67 PET 8 FRUTTIPET280x184 h67
1500KIT1500 h 126 PETPET184x184 h126
1500KIT1500 h 130 PETPET184x184 h130
1500KIT1500 h 145 PETPET184x184 h145
1500KIT2000 h 105 PET FPET280x184 h105
2000KIT2000 h 125 PET FPET280x184 h125

Suits: Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Cherry Tomatoes, Kiwifruit, Lemons & Limes, Mandarins, Plums, Stone Fruit

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