Clamshells 100% R-PET

There’s the right answer here for every size, style and shape of clamshell. Plus, our clamshells stay closed and are made of 100% R-PET. Now that great news!

Here’s the answer for every size, style and shape of clamshell that’s needed and our clamshells stay closed. And best of all, they’re made of 100% R-PET so they’re better for the environment and are approved as recyclable by Naturpac™.

Capacity (g)ImageItem CodeMaterialDimensions (mm)
125KIT29 h 38 PETPET143x112 h38
250KIT250 h 53 PET SPET127x94 h53
250KIT250 h 75 PETPET127x94 h75
250KIT312 h 52 PET MPET185x121 h52
250KIT312 h 64 PETPET185x121 h64
250KIT320 h 80 PETPET125x115 h80
500KIT1500 h 50 PETPET184x184 h50
500KIT1500 h 76 PET 4PPET184x184 h76
500KIT1500 h 76 PET 4P BicolorPET184x184 h76
500KIT1500 h 80 PET 4KPET184x184 h80
500KIT501 h 53 PETPET190x115 h53
500KIT501 h 70 PETPET190x115 h70
500KIT501 h 80 PET 19 GPET190x115 h80
500KIT501 h 80 PET 21 GPET190x115 h80
500KIT501 h 85 PET 19 GPET190x115 h85
500KIT501 h 85 PET 21 GPET190x115 h85
500KIT501 h 90 PET 19 GPET190x115 h90
500KIT501 h 90 PET 21 GPET190x115 h90
500KIT501 h 110 PETPET190x115 h110
500KIT501 h 126 PETPET190x115 h126
500KIT508 h 55 PETPET180x144 h55
500KIT508 h 75 PETPET180x144 h75
1000KIT1000 h 105 PETPET188x144 h105
1000KIT1000 h 124 PETPET188x144 h124
1000KIT1500 h 95 PETPET184x184 h95
1000KIT2000 h 75 PETPET280x184 h75
1000KIT501 h 135 PETPET190x115 h135
1000KIT6 h 75 PET 6 FRUTTIPET280x184 h75
1000KIT8 h 67 PET 8 FRUTTIPET280x184 h67
1500KIT1500 h 126 PETPET184x184 h126
1500KIT1500 h 130 PETPET184x184 h130
1500KIT1500 h 145 PETPET184x184 h145
1500KIT2000 h 105 PET FPET280x184 h105
2000KIT2000 h 125 PET FPET280x184 h125

Suits: Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Cherry Tomatoes, Kiwifruit, Lemons & Limes, Mandarins, Plums, Stone Fruit

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