100% R-PET Punnets

We’ve got 100% R-PET punnets for every type of produce whether large or small, plus we’ve got punnets that actually breathe!

All our punnets, clamshells and lids are Certified 100% R-PET. That means your produce is packed in the very best packaging available.

We’ve got punnets large and small, and they’re the right fit for every type of produce you have,  plus we’ve got punnets that actually breathe and extend the shelf life of your produce.

And, because they’re made of 100% R-PET they’re better for the environment and are approved as recyclable by Naturpac™ For a Better Earth.

Capacity (g)ImageItem CodeMaterialDimensions (mm)
125F250 h 25 R-PETR-PET190x115 h25
125K10W h 40 R-PETR-PET172x132 h40
125K13 h 30 PPPP143x77 h30
125K28 h 36 R-PETR-PET135x113 h36
125K28 h 50 R-PETR-PET135x113 h50
125K29 h 26 PETPET141x118 h26
125K30 h 29 PETPET145x120 h29
125TR80 h 25 R-PETR-PET143x96 h25
125TR80 h 34 R-PETR-PET143x96 h34
125TR80 h 37 R-PETR-PET143x96 h37
250F250 h 38 R-PETR-PET190x115 h38
250K10W h 30 R-PETR-PET172x132 h30
250K20 h 60 R-PETR-PET116x95 h60
250K20 h 75 R-PETR-PET116x95 h75
250K21 h 60 R-PETR-PET120x95 h60
250K21 h 75 R-PETR-PET120x95 h75
250K25 h 45 R-PETR-PET170x107 h45
250K36 h 45 R-PETR-PET184x117 h45
250K37 h 30 R-PETR-PET184x117 h30
250K37 h 40 R-PETR-PET184x117 h40
250K62 W h 40 R-PETR-PET173x173 h40
250MOD500 h 38 PPPP190x115 h38
250TR80 h 44 R-PETR-PET143x96 h44
250TR80 h 50 R-PETR-PET143x96 h50
250TR80 h 50 PPPP143x96 h50
250TR80 h 58 R-PETR-PET143x96 h58
250TR80 h 58 PPPP143x96 h58
500F500 h 55 PETPET190x115 h55
500F500 h 60 PET PLPET190x115 h60
500F500 h 60 R-PETR-PET190x115 h60
500F500 h 68 PETPET190x115 h68
500F500 h 75 R-PETR-PET190x115 h75
500F501 h 60 PETPET190x115 h60
500F501 h 68 PETPET190x115 h68
500K10W h 50 R-PETR-PET172x132 h50
500K10W h 60 R-PETR-PET172x132 h60
500K10W h 65 PPPP172x132 h65
500K10W h 70 R-PETR-PET172x132 h70
500K30 h 45 R-PETR-PET145x120 h45
500K30 h 60 R-PETR-PET145x120 h60
500K30 h 65 R-PETR-PET145x120 h65
500K30 h 75 R-PETR-PET145x120 h75
500K30 h 80 PETPET145x120 h80
500K30 h 80 PET printedPET145x120 h80
500K37 h 50 R-PETR-PET184x117 h50
500K37 h 60 R-PETR-PET184x117 h60
500K60 h 45 R-PETR-PET182x182 h45
500K62 W h 58 R-PETR-PET173x173 h58
500K62 W h 75 R-PETR-PET173x173 h75
500MOD500 h 53 PPPP190x115 h53
500MOD500 h 58 PPPP190x115 h58
750K10W h 85 R-PETR-PET172x132 h85
750K30 h 100 R-PETR-PET145x120 h100
750K36 h 75 R-PETR-PET184x117 h75
750K36 h 75 PPPP184x117 h75
750K36 h 85 R-PETR-PET184x117 h85
750K36 h 87 PPPP184x117 h87
750K37 h 70 R-PETR-PET184x117 h70
750K37 h 85 R-PETR-PET184x117 h85
750K37-3 h 45 R-PETR-PET184x117 h45
750K37-3 h 60 R-PETR-PET184x117 h60
750R-PET184x117 h70
1000K10S h 95 PPPP167x140 h95
1000K10S h 95 PP - CMPP167x140 h95
1000K10S h 110 PPPP167x140 h110
1000K36 h 100 R-PETR-PET184x117 h100
1000K36 h 100 PPPP184x117 h100
1000K36 h 100 PP SPP184x117 h100
1000K36 h 110 R-PETR-PET184x117 h110
1000K36 h 110 PP SPP184x117 h110
1000K36 h 110 PPPP184x117 h110
1000K38 h 96 PPPP193x119 h96
1000K38 h 105 PPPP193x119 h105
1000K38 h 105 PP SPP193x119 h105
1000K40 h 96 PETPET196x119 h96
1000K40 h 96 PPPP196x119 h96
1000K40 h 105 PETPET196x119 h105
1000K40 h 105 PP SPP196x119 h105
1000K40 h 110 PP SPP196x119 h110
1000K60 h 60 R-PETR-PET182x182 h60
1000K60 h 70 R-PETR-PET182x182 h70
1000R-PET182x182 h75
1000K60-4 diam75 h 50 R-PETR-PET182x182 h50
1000K60-4 diam85 h 58 R-PETR-PET182x182 h58
1000K60-4 diam90 h 70 R-PETR-PET182x182 h70

Suits: Apples, Apricots, Berries, Blueberry, Cherries, Cherry Tomatoes, Grapes, Lemons, Lemons & Limes, Mushrooms, Plums, Raspberries, Stone Fruit, Strawberries

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