Punnets 100% R-PET

We’ve got 100% R-PET punnets for every type of produce whether large or small, plus we’ve got punnets that actually breathe!

We’ve got 100% R-PET punnets for every type of produce whether large or small, plus we’ve got punnets that actually breathe!

And best of all, because they’re made of 100% R-PET they’re better for the environment and are approved as recyclable by Naturpac™ For a Better Earth.

Capacity (g)ImageItem CodeMaterialDimensions (mm)
125F250 h 25 R-PETR-PET190x115 h25
125K10W h 40 R-PETR-PET172x132 h40
125K13 h 30 PPPP143x77 h30
125K28 h 36 R-PETR-PET135x113 h36
125K28 h 50 R-PETR-PET135x113 h50
125K29 h 26 PETPET141x118 h26
125K30 h 29 PETPET145x120 h29
125TR80 h 25 R-PETR-PET143x96 h25
125TR80 h 34 R-PETR-PET143x96 h34
125TR80 h 37 R-PETR-PET143x96 h37
250F250 h 38 R-PETR-PET190x115 h38
250K10W h 30 R-PETR-PET172x132 h30
250K20 h 60 R-PETR-PET116x95 h60
250K20 h 75 R-PETR-PET116x95 h75
250K21 h 60 R-PETR-PET120x95 h60
250K21 h 75 R-PETR-PET120x95 h75
250K25 h 45 R-PETR-PET170x107 h45
250K36 h 45 R-PETR-PET184x117 h45
250K37 h 30 R-PETR-PET184x117 h30
250K37 h 40 R-PETR-PET184x117 h40
250K62 W h 40 R-PETR-PET173x173 h40
250MOD500 h 38 PPPP190x115 h38
250TR80 h 44 R-PETR-PET143x96 h44
250TR80 h 50 R-PETR-PET143x96 h50
250TR80 h 50 PPPP143x96 h50
250TR80 h 58 R-PETR-PET143x96 h58
250TR80 h 58 PPPP143x96 h58
500F500 h 55 PETPET190x115 h55
500F500 h 60 PET PLPET190x115 h60
500F500 h 60 R-PETR-PET190x115 h60
500F500 h 68 PETPET190x115 h68
500F500 h 75 R-PETR-PET190x115 h75
500F501 h 60 PETPET190x115 h60
500F501 h 68 PETPET190x115 h68
500K10W h 50 R-PETR-PET172x132 h50
500K10W h 60 R-PETR-PET172x132 h60
500K10W h 65 PPPP172x132 h65
500K10W h 70 R-PETR-PET172x132 h70
500K30 h 45 R-PETR-PET145x120 h45
500K30 h 60 R-PETR-PET145x120 h60
500K30 h 65 R-PETR-PET145x120 h65
500K30 h 75 R-PETR-PET145x120 h75
500K30 h 80 PETPET145x120 h80
500K30 h 80 PET printedPET145x120 h80
500K37 h 50 R-PETR-PET184x117 h50
500K37 h 60 R-PETR-PET184x117 h60
500K60 h 45 R-PETR-PET182x182 h45
500K62 W h 58 R-PETR-PET173x173 h58
500K62 W h 75 R-PETR-PET173x173 h75
500MOD500 h 53 PPPP190x115 h53
500MOD500 h 58 PPPP190x115 h58
750K10W h 85 R-PETR-PET172x132 h85
750K30 h 100 R-PETR-PET145x120 h100
750K36 h 75 R-PETR-PET184x117 h75
750K36 h 75 PPPP184x117 h75
750K36 h 85 R-PETR-PET184x117 h85
750K36 h 87 PPPP184x117 h87
750K37 h 70 R-PETR-PET184x117 h70
750K37 h 85 R-PETR-PET184x117 h85
750K37-3 h 45 R-PETR-PET184x117 h45
750K37-3 h 60 R-PETR-PET184x117 h60
750R-PET184x117 h70
1000K10S h 95 PPPP167x140 h95
1000K10S h 95 PP - CMPP167x140 h95
1000K10S h 110 PPPP167x140 h110
1000K36 h 100 R-PETR-PET184x117 h100
1000K36 h 100 PPPP184x117 h100
1000K36 h 100 PP SPP184x117 h100
1000K36 h 110 R-PETR-PET184x117 h110
1000K36 h 110 PP SPP184x117 h110
1000K36 h 110 PPPP184x117 h110
1000K38 h 96 PPPP193x119 h96
1000K38 h 105 PPPP193x119 h105
1000K38 h 105 PP SPP193x119 h105
1000K40 h 96 PETPET196x119 h96
1000K40 h 96 PPPP196x119 h96
1000K40 h 105 PETPET196x119 h105
1000K40 h 105 PP SPP196x119 h105
1000K40 h 110 PP SPP196x119 h110
1000K60 h 60 R-PETR-PET182x182 h60
1000K60 h 70 R-PETR-PET182x182 h70
1000R-PET182x182 h75
1000K60-4 diam75 h 50 R-PETR-PET182x182 h50
1000K60-4 diam85 h 58 R-PETR-PET182x182 h58
1000K60-4 diam90 h 70 R-PETR-PET182x182 h70

Suits: Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Cherry Tomatoes, Lemons & Limes, Mushrooms, Plums, Stone Fruit

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