These are pressure sensitive adhesive tabs for carrying small or lightweight items

ElastiTab® is particularly useful for carrying sachets, small packets or other lightweight items. It has a pressure sensitive adhesive tab combined with the stretchy elastomer loop that makes it easy-to-apply for on-pack promotions.

Before ordering ElastiTab, it’s important that we know the weight of the item being carried and the material or pack coating that it will stick to. And, we’ll need a product sample for testing before ordering so we can help you select the right solution to get the job done.

ElastiTab is intended to hold a sachet or pack up to 57g in weight.

ElastiTab® at a Glance

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive tab and stretchy elastomer loop combined
  • Carries sachets, small packs or other lightweight items
  • All-in-one loop and tag
  • Carries up to 57g in weight

Suits: Sachets, small packs or lightweight items

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