Wine Glass Fruit Tags

Print these either double or single sided in high definition for net bags

Wine Glass Tags are individually designed and printed in high definition colour using up to 8 spot colours or a four-colour process if more colour combinations are wanted.

Every tag reel is wound with a consistent wind tension to make sure 100% of the tags can be used without curling or wastage. Tags are ordered in sets of 9 reels with 2000 tags on each reel and are printed either single or double sided.

Wine Glass Tags at a Glance

  • Printed in high definition colour
  • 8 spot colours or four colour process
  • No tag curling or wastage
  • Single or double sided

Suits: net bags

Reels: 2,000 tags per roll
Boxes: 1 Box = 9 Roll = 18,000 tags
Pallet: 45 Boxes
Made from: Direct Thermal Paper & Polypropylene

Suits: net bags

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