We’re a Finalist with Naturpac™

There’s some really exciting news for us. We’re a Finalist in the Butler Market Gardens Environmental & Sustainability Award for 2023 with Naturpac™.

Naturpac is an initiative of J-Tech Systems that we launched just two years ago. The mission is to change the way people think about packaging and get them to move towards positive choices in packaging and explore recyclable, biodegradable and ultimately compostable options. Check out Naturpac here

The Awards are national and are presented as a part of the Hort Connections conference and exhibition each year. They recognise the contribution made by individuals or companies from the horticulture industry who have a focus on exceptional innovation over the previous year. There’s 10 different categories and the winners in each are announced at the Hort Connections Gala Dinner on Wednesday 7th June this year in Adelaide.

Not only are we a Finalist with Naturpac in this category for 2023, but so is Venus Citrus who’s a long-term customer of J-Tech. They’re also a Finalist with how they are packing citrus fruit using Ecobuilt Compostable Trays (which of course are supplied by J-Tech), so it’s great news all around. So, good luck to both of us and congratulations to everyone else for entering these terrific Awards.

Congratulations to everyone who’s in the running for these prestigious Awards and best of luck to all the Finalists.

But wait there’s more…..
Making the finals in 2023 is doubly exciting for us because we WON the UPL Tech Innovation Award last year in 2022 with our Aporo™ Robotic Fruit Packer, so we’re hoping for more good news in the Environmental & Sustainability Awards in 2023.