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      Roll Stock Bagging

      Poly bags made simple with the Sorma FH210. Quick and efficient it produces up to 30 packages per minute from pre-made roll stock and up to 4,000 bags per reel.

      Easily connected to existing weighers the FH210 can be configured for different produce types with options of carrot positioning hoppers, vibrating hoppers for potatoes to avoid pile-ups and soft handling fall break for apples, pears and tomatoes.

      Welcome to J-Tech Systems

      Our company vision is to be the preferred supplier of labels, automation, packaging solutions and technical service to the horticulture industry in Australia.

      We operate in a dynamic and rapidly changing industry and our success has been built on the trust of our customers, our suppliers and each other.

      Creating value around fresh produce for our customers is the J-Tech Systems difference and a goal we will continue to work for and improve.



      Re-sealable Packaging from Smilesys

      Opens and re-closes more than 22 times while providing tamper evident product security through a patented opening system.

      Pronova Packaging Systems

      J-Tech Systems is now representing Pronova Packaging Systems in Australia.  Pronova...

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