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      Fruit & Vegetable Labels

      Fruit & Vegetable Labels

      J-Tech Systems is the exclusive Australian agent for the labels giant Sinclair International.

      Sinclair was instrumental in pioneering the development of automatic fruit labelling systems more than 25 years ago and now operates in 35 countries around the world.

      The partnership between J-Tech Systems and Sinclair International in Australia brings together an unparalleled range of inline and tray labelling equipment, labels and technical service, from a single reliable source.

      J-Tech Systems manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of fruit and vegetable tags that can be custom designed to suit the individual needs of fresh food producers and packhouses.

      Ask our sales team for details or to arrange product samples and demonstrations.

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      Designing Great Labels
      Consider these basic tips to help with designing high impact, visually exciting labels for fresh produce.
      GS1 Databar
      Simple Steps to Set Up for Databar
      Sinclair Labels
      Sinclair fruit and vegetable labels and stickers produced by J-Tech Systems are ideal for a multiplicity of branding, product identification and promotional applications.
      Sinclair has available a compostable labelling option for direct food contact and packaging options.
      Barcodes, Collectables and QR Codes
      The Sinclair range of fruit and vegetable labels produced by J-Tech Systems incorporates special orders, collectable ranges and can be printed with product or variety identifying barcodes and 2D or QR codes.
      Label Power
      You can harness the ‘Power of the Label’ by designing high impact, visually exciting labels that highlight your brand, variety, price point, origin or stand out with your own proprietary shape.
      Label Storage
      Storing your Sinclair labels properly will help you get the very best hassle free application.
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