GreenKeeper’s With J-Tech

Great News! We’re the new Australian supplier for GreenKeeper.

GreenKeeper Iberia is the producer of high-capacity granules that absorb ethylene in fruit and vegetables. The granules limit the amount of ethylene that is produced to extremely low levels creating  a stable modified atmosphere for all varieties of fruit and veggies and once the granules are added to pre-packed or bulk packaging and ethylene production is reduced it considerably extends the shelf life of fresh produce.

The whole team at J-Tech are really happy with the strong partnership that has been developed with GreenKeeper allowing us to provide extra support of the fresh produce industry’s move to a sustainable future as well as delivering another great solution for combating food waste.

The new partnership was announced at the 10th World Avocado Congress in New Zealand in April 2023.



Here’s Mitch Pursehouse, Sales Manager Packaging Solutions at J-Tech and Brent Rogers, Asia Manager from GreenKeeper both looking pretty pleased with themselves at the Avocado Congress