The J-Tech Technical Service Team

Have You Met The J-Tech Technical Service Team?

We’ve restructured our whole tech team with the goal of providing better tech service and support for our customers. To start with, we now have hands on managers who work in the field themselves and really understand the needs and pressures of packhouses. They get it. The whole team are working together to improve our systems and procedures so we can get our tech services and support where we want it and where it needs to be. We’ve got a way to go yet but we’re well on the way.

As a customer your thoughts and feedback are very welcome. Tell us how we’re going. Talk to the techs or any of the J-Tech team with constructive comments – we’re ready to listen and improve.

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Phill Redway
Technical Service Manager – Sinclair

Phill’s our Sinclair specialist and his know-how and hands on approach is invaluable with building up skills across the whole team. He’s got extensive experience in the fresh produce industry over nearly 30 years and now his role includes the up-skilling and ongoing training for the tech team on all Sinclair Labelling equipment and machinery. Phill and his family relocated to Brisbane in 2022 where he set up a Sinclair training hub for the whole team.

Cameron Douglass
Technical Service Manager – Automation

Cameron’s our automation specialist and he’s been adding to the knowledge and skills of the whole team.  He’s had a significant amount of additional training on all the automation and machinery we have available and his skillset and knowledge has been invaluable with the recent installation of one of our larger projects. Cameron relocated from regional Victoria to set up a tech services base in Adelaide.

Tony Lines
ITSSR Manager

Tony’s well known to many people right across the industry after more than 20 years experience with J-Tech. He’s based in Albury at our head office and his work within the company has changed along the way from service tech to Service Manager and he now looks after all things IT, as well as systems management and now all the robotics.

John La Fontaine
Customer Service ‑ Technical

John joined the J-Tech team back in 2021, after working in a Service coordination role elsewhere for eight years. With the recent Service revamp, his role has been expanded and he now co-ordinates customer service support for the whole tech team at J-Tech from our head office in Albury.

Steve Smith
Field Service Technician – WA Region

Steve’s been working in the food packaging and automation industry for more than 30 years. An electrical engineer by trade, he moved to Australia from the UK to indulge his passion for diving and the ocean. His knowledge and experience in the food packaging industry is a beneficial one to our customers and the Service team across the fruit growing regions of WA.

Liam Down
Service Technician Shepparton – Riverina

Liam’s career with J-Tech started after he travelled the world for a year visiting nearly 40 different countries. An electrician by trade, he’s still travelling but this time around Shepparton, Swan Hill and up to the Griffith area looking after J-Tech customers with technical service and support. He’s recently started playing Aussie rules football with the local Dookie team. Go Dookie!

Simon Smith
Service Technician

Simon joined the J-Tech team in late 2022 after working on servicing and installing materials handling equipment. He’s a boiler maker by trade and worked on building submarines and naval war ships in the UK before emigrating to Australia about 30 years ago. He’s based in Brisbane but can be found all over Queensland and up in the Northern Territory as the need arises. He’s a natural problem solver and lateral thinker who’ll often solve an issue by thinking outside the square.

David Tesch
Service Technician

David’s one of the longest serving tech team members with J-Tech. He’s an electrician by trade and is based in Brisbane Queensland, but has been found working all over the fruit and vegetable growing areas of the state and the Northern Territory. David’s had lots of experience working on all varieties of produce and the automation and machinery involved in getting it to market.

Dennis Williams
Service Technician

Dennis is a local to the Mildura area. He’s a very experienced mechanic who’s worked in the industry for more than 27 years, working in everything from automotive repair, heavy stream truck and tractor repair as well as marine workshops. A mechanical all rounder, Dennis describes himself as a ‘golf nut’ and joined the J-Tech team back in 2020 to work with the tech team around Mildura, the Riverland and Swan Hill regions.

Luke Richardson
Service Technician

Luke’s been a great addition to the J-Tech service team since joining the team in early 2022. Before coming to J-Tech he worked in citrus packing sheds for about 15 years, 10 years of which were in management roles. With his excellent working knowledge of day to day operations in packing sheds and established relationships with the industry, he’s a real asset to the whole team. His region covers a big area around Mildura, the Riverland and across to Swan Hill.

David​ Ardley
Service Technician

David joined the J-Tech team in 2022 after jumping over the ditch from New Zealand where he worked in a technical servicing role for more than 20 years on post harvest machinery. An electrical mechanic by trade, he’s got lots of experience behind him and he’s fitted right into the J-Tech team. He’s living in Bundaberg now, but it’s still been a big move for him over to sunny Queensland so make sure you get to know him.

Greg Pearse
Service Technician

Greg’s well known to many Victorian and Tasmanian customers as he’s been part of the tech team since 2005. While he’s based primarily in Shepparton, he covers a lot of ground around Southern Victoria and down into Tasmania working on service and support for J-Tech. When not travelling around with work, he can be found running his sport loving kids to cricket, football and netball games throughout the year.