Naturpac Is Here

Naturpac delivers environmentally friendly packaging for a better earth.

Naturpac is working with the world’s leading innovators to offer choices that are recyclable, biodegradable, and ultimately compostable while leading the Australian and New Zealand Markets toward ethical packaging.

As a world we have an obligation to reduce plastic consumption and find viable and sustainable alternatives to waste and with that in mind, J-Tech Systems launched Naturpac in late 2020 with the mission to deliver environmentally friendly, ethical packaging options to the fresh produce industry. Naturpac has set the benchmark for these packaging alternatives with the three tiers of Bronze for recyclable packaging, Silver for biodegradable and the ultimate standard, Gold for compostable packaging.   The Naturpac Seals of Approval give consumers piece of mind that they are choosing packaging For a Better Earth. Visit to learn more


Produce Less Plastic Waste

Motivating our partners throughout the grocery supply chain to consider ways to use less plastics, instead exploring recyclable, biodegradable and ultimately compostable options.

Drive a Recycling Revolution

Working with retailers, local government partners, schools and university research institutes to identify the best ways to educate the consumers of today and tomorrow on the benefits and ways to save our planet through recycling practices.

Think Beyond Recycling

Challenging ourselves to strive beyond recycling to recognise that recycling is not the end goal but we need to aim for compostable solutions that are focused on the betterment of the earth, every step of the way.