STEPAC Partners with J-Tech in Australia

J-Tech Systems is the new supplier for STEPAC packaging in Australia 

‘We’ve got a great range of products from Stepac’ said J-Tech Systems Packaging Sales Manager, Mitchell Pursehouse. ‘The STEPAC range  has everything from carton liners, bin liners and pallet shrouds, products for bulk automated packaging as well as retail packaging formats like bags, flow packs, lidding film and pouches. With this range, we have got solutions to fit almost any need that growers, packers, exporters or retailers come across and there’s huge benefits for everyone with keeping produce fresh and reducing food waste’ he said.

STEPAC is all about reducing food waste right across the supply chain using modified atmosphere (MA), modified humidity (MH) and condensation control. It’s about preserving freshness and extending the viable shelf life of fresh produce in the marketplace. 

‘J-Tech Systems is all about delivering the best solutions and the latest product innovations into our marketplace’ said Mitchell, ‘with the products from Stepac we’re delivering another great solution and choice for the Australian fresh produce industry’ he said.

The STEPAC range

  • Xtend® – these are carton liners, bin liners and pallet shrouds for most varieties of fresh produce
  • Xflow™ – this range are for bulk automated packaging lines
  • Xgo™ – is the retail format packaging products

So, when you’re looking for solutions to a longer shelf life of fresh produce, the answer is modified atmosphere packaging from J-Tech and STEPAC. Keeping it fresh!