Oops! We Need Your Help

It’s a bit embarrassing, but we’ve gotten a bit behind with keeping our customer data up to date. We know you all so well personally, that we’ve been a bit slack with keeping our system as up to date as we should have, so we’re asking for your help to get us back on top of it. And, we’ll do much better in the future.

Because no-one knows the facts better than you, we’d appreciate it if you’d open the email we’ve sent, click the link and check the info we have in our system.

That’s it, it’ll take a minute MAX but as a Thank You for taking the time, we’ll donate $500.00 to one of three charities that we support and you can help decide where the money will go. After you’ve checked your details, there’s an option at the bottom for you to choose one of the charities before you Save your info.

Thanks for that, we really appreciate your help