Breaking Label Printing Records

We’ve just recently installed a 2nd flexographic printing press in Albury. That’s meant we’ve already halved production lead times and doubled our capacity for fresh produce labels and wine glass tags and that’s great for driving value and delivering more to our customers!

Getting the 2nd press installed and running efficiently was a bit daunting with all the extra procedures around COVID-19 but as usual, our team excelled, put in the extra effort and we got the job done right on schedule. Both presses are already operating at full steam and producing the great quality labels and tags that we’re known for.

With having the additional press up and running it’s meant we’ve been able to slash production lead times, increase our capacity, be much more flexible on producing custom labels PLUS we’ve reduced having to work around the clock to keep up with orders.  It’s been a great win-win for our customers and our team and the feedback has been great from everyone.