Great looking labels can make you stand out on shelf and draw attention to your brand, the variety, price point or feature where your produce is grown.

Labels have power and speak to your audience at the point of sale when the all-important decisions are being made. Think about the features you might want to highlight when designing your label so it catches the eye.

Your Brand – Labels can take your brand right to the consumer as it sits in their fruit bowl.

Variety –  Putting the variety on the label makes selecting a family favourite easy, plus it helps the retailer display and sell loose produce.

Databar – Tells a story at checkout with the variety, produce traceability, accurate price points and branding all featured on the label.

PLU’s – Makes varietal price differences clear, checkout faster and adds reliability to pricing.

Origin – Showcasing the product origin builds confidence in your product quality

Proprietary Shapes – Make a statement with your brand using a unique or proprietary label shape that can be all yours.

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