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      Label Power

      You can harness the ‘Power of the Label’ by designing high impact, visually exciting labels that highlight your brand, variety, price point, origin or stand out with your own proprietary shape.

      Great looking, eye catching labels make you stand out on shelf. We can help you harness the ‘Power of the Label’ with high impact, visually exciting labels that can highlight

      Your brand

      Labels take your brand to the consumer and sit right in their fruit bowl.

      Produce variety

      Variety names on fruit gives consumers confidence to select their favourite variety and retailers to merchandise loose produce.


      PLU codes on labels enable varietal price differentiation, speed and pricing reliability.


      Enhance category management, increase speed and accuracy at checkout


      Protect your product integrity and build consumer and retailer confidence by featuring fruit with origin labels

      Proprietary label shapes

      Differentiate your brand through unique label shapes

      Our tips page has ideas about designing labels to use Label Power or feel free to contact us to use our custom design service to make your label stand out from the crowd.

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