Band it to brand it with ultra-thin fruit and veggie banding new to the Aussie marketplace

Here’s a great idea for labelling bunches of fruit, vegetables and herbs quickly and easily. Bandall’s ultra-thin banding strip can be custom printed with logos, best before dates, barcodes or whatever else is needed.

Bandall wraps all produce bunches as firmly or as loosely as is wanted and gently keeps it completely free from damage.  Banding replaces twine, rubber bands or even complete packaging like trays or printed plastic bags as it combines the label and bundling in one go.

Bandall at a Glance

  • Printed banding for bunched fruit and vegetables
  • Bands securely and damage free
  • Ultra-thin material bands irregular shapes and sizes

Suits: Bananas, celery, Herbs, leek, parsley, Spring Onions

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