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      Punnet Filling & De-Nesting

      Punnet Filling & De-Nesting

      - Buy, lease or finance options available for all automation and machinery from J-Tech Systems

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      Sorma AC4-115
      The AC4-115 high-speed automatic punnet filling machine from Sorma.
      Sorma ACE-115
      The ACE-115 automatic punnet filling machine from Sorma.
      Sorma ACS-115
      The ACS-115 is a high capacity machine capable of filling both punnets and trays up to 3kg in weight.
      Sorma RP2-115
      Automatic punnet filler that delicately packs a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.
      Sorma DP4-115
      The Sorma DP4-115 can be integrated into an automatic production line or operate as a standalone unit.
      Sorma DP8-115X
      Is able to de-nest 4 punnets simultaneously. It has a total of 8 punnet deposits – 4 are active and 4 are in stand-by. It can be fitted with an in-line weigher or punnet filler that can operate automatically or as a standalone unit.
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