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      Netting Machines

      are available including net clippers, filling machines, punnet-netting machines and packaging machines.

      Buy, lease or finance options available for all automation and machinery from J-Tech Systems

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      Sorma PK10-112
      Automated machine to package a wide range of fruit and vegetable produce. The PK10 makes netted punnets clipped with copper wire. Machine feeds manually by an operator or automatically by an upstream weigher plus punnet filler to send produce directly into net holding tube.
      Sorma R01-120
      Machine to package a wide range of produce including delicate produce. Uses tubular net to make bags closed with copper wire including a fruit tag. Machine can be fed manually by an operator/automatically by an upstream weigher/counter which sends produce to holding tube.
      Sorma RB2-120
      Machine to automatically package a wide range of produce. The machine makes net bags clipped with copper wire including a fruit tag which can be personalized.
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