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      Label Storage

      Storing your Sinclair labels properly will help you get the very best hassle free application.

      Here’s a few tips on storing them properly.

      • Always store labels in cool dry conditions. Ideally store at 21oC at 50% Relative Humidity – OR LESS 
      • Always store off the ground. Storing labels on a pallet or shelving is a good practice 
      • Store labels in their protective packaging - the original boxes and plastic bags are the best 
      • Partially used or unused rolls should always be returned to the original packaging after use 
      • Never stack boxes more than 5 high to avoid compression 
      • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or heat 
      • Rotate your stock - always use the oldest labels first 
      • Use the labels at room temperature. Label performance is enhanced if the adhesive normalises to room temperature before use 

      If labels are not stored properly as recommended, they may become unusable or difficult to apply.

      If you need more information on how to store labels call J-Tech Systems on 1300 301 784

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