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      Fruit & Vegetable Labelling

      Fruit & Vegetable Labelling

      J-Tech Systems supplies 'made to measure' Sinclair labelling solutions for every application. This unparalleled range of equipment includes high-speed, in-line, and sophisticated tray labelling systems all featuring the high-performance bellow method of label transfer, a rotary head, and quick-change cassettes that are unique to the Sinclair system.

      All labelling solutions from J-Tech Systems and Sinclair are custom designed for individual packhouse performance needs and come complete with technical servicing and maintenance agreements to ensure peak performance and output at all times.

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      Sinclair CR4 Pattern Labeller
      An ideal solution for fruit in inners or trays. The CR4 can be mounted over existing belt conveyors and labels up to 16 rows of fruit in a single pass.
      Sinclair RM6
      The Sinclair RM6 is the original high speed solution for selective labeling over multiple lanes of singulated fruit. RM6 labelers, mounted over sizers or conveyors, function as fully integrated and synchronized components of the packing line.
      Sinclair TL3 Tray Labeller
      The Sinclair TL3 is a versatile, stand-alone - pattern labelling unit, easily capable of being moved from one labelling point to another. The TL3 can also be integrated into a packing line
      Sinclair TL4 Multi Arm Labeller
      The Sinclair TL4 is a multi-arm labeller ideal for maximum in line single-pass throughputs.
      Sinclair V6
      The Sinclair V6 is designed to operate in synchronization with single lane sizers. The V6 labeler automatically adjusts to changes in speed.
      Sinclair Variable Print System
      Is a technologically advanced laser-based variable print system that lasers fonts, images or graphics directly onto individual produce labels while the fruit is running on the sizer.
      Sinclair Vision and Barcode Recognition System
      Fully automated multi-pattern labelling - for minimum operator intervention, is a common requirement in modern pack houses. This is achieved using either Sinclair Vision Recognition or a Sinclair Barcode Interface - depending on customer requirements.
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