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      Flow Wrapping

      The ideal solution for packing fresh produce at high speed. Flow Wrap machines deliver identical product packaging in vertical or horizontal formats with improved shelf life for fresh produce.

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      RGD Mape VR-8 Master
      The VR-8 Master simplifies the most complicated processes and can produce 40 different flow pack product formats.
      RGD Mape VR-6 Genio
      Fast and flexible, the VR-6 Genio is ideal for multiple flow pack formats. Intuitive and easy to use, it has built in film saving capability.
      RGD Mape - VR-4 Elektra
      Through a universal forming tunnel, auto-centering coil holder and progressive braking system to allow a wide range of packaging sizes from this flow wrapper from RGD Mape
      RGD Mape VR-7 Box
      Ideal for packaging large dimension products or those with stability issues.
      Sorma FLW-150
      Versatile machine to package a wide range of fruit and vegetables including delicate fruit. The machine utilizers either flow wrap film or EcoPunnet® net with handle. The machine can be fed manually or automatically by an upstream weigher or counter and punnet filler to batch produce directly into punnets or trays.
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