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      ElastiTag, Bands & Totes

      ElastiTag, Bands & Totes

      ElastiTag® is one of the range of super premium hang tags that are ideal for fresh produce labelling and branding. This unique system from Bedford Industries adds value and endless marketing and branding opportunities to a wide range of products in the marketplace.

      The options for use of these exciting hang tags is only limited by your imagination

      • Advertise a product launch, competition, a recipe or instructions

      • Comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes

      • 'Grips' product and doesn’t fall off during shipping

      • Provides endless marketing and cross promotional opportunities

      Available as ElastiTag®, ElastiBag, ElastiTote and ElasitBand 

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      ElastiTag, Bands and Totes
      ElastiTag® is a range of hang tags that are ideal for produce labelling and branding.
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